Recipes We Love

Last month, we were with the ladies at Hyacinth’s Place here in Washington, D.C. And during our time together, we made this most delicious dinner a sweet and savory stuffed acorn squash. Our volunteer, Kelly Jung, pictured to the right, was on hand talking with the ladies about the nutritional value of ingredients we used.

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Tamara Bibby
Eating Healthier on a Budget

Society likes to tell you that you have two choices when it comes to eating. You can either eat healthier and spend more money or you can eat unhealthier and spend less. But in actuality, you can do both! You can eat healthier and not go over your budget. Eating healthier is as simple as adding more vegetables and fruits to your diet. It’s not an unattainable feat, no matter the family size or budget, everyone can eat healthier.

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