Social and anti-hunger entrepreneurs Tamara and Rhonda started Roots for Life in 2017 to work in the food deserts in Washington, D.C., specifically Wards 4, 5, 7 and 8.

social movement with a simple mission:

Our Mission

Roots for Life dedicates resources to educate and empower communities to thrive.

Our approach to education and empowerment is multi-faceted:

  • Connect individuals, currently in food insecure areas, to locally grown fruits
    and vegetables
  • Educate on their nutritional value
  • Empower a healthy change into lives

All of the program offerings through Roots for Life are strategically designed to empower participants and get them excited about incorporating fresh produce into their day-to-day regimen and making small changes to live an active lifestyle.

Participants in the programs will learn how to:

  • make healthy foods choices
  • cook nutritious meals
  • grow foods through fun hands-on activities.

Roots for Life’s ultimate vision is to inspire communities to make a change.