Roots for Life’s programs work in conjunction with a comprehensive educational component that is designed to deepen the connectivity between people and the food we consume. Each program is designed to provide tips and techniques towards healthy living.

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Crops in the Kitchen

With every generation, the perceived value of cooking decreases while eating processed and fast food increases. We’re changing that!

Crops in the Kitchen is a participation class that emphasizes the direct relationship between wellness and food, provides easy to use nutrition information and explains the value of local foods and sustainable food systems.

Our classes are taught by local chefs, nutritionists, and trained volunteers that are food activists and lovers.

Participants will learn to prepare meals and will leave each class with fresh produce, recipe cards and spices to make delicious healthy meals at home.


Countertop Crops

Vegetable container gardening can bring joy and bounty! If you have a window sill, patio, backyard or window that has lots of sunlight you can grow your own food. You can grow just about any vegetable in a container and you can also save serious bucks by growing your own veggies.

What you can grow in a container garden is limited only by the size of the container and your imagination. Want to learn how to start a Summer Salad Container? We will teach you how to plant tomato, cucumbers and some parsley or chives all in a large container. In addition, our classes focus on sun, soil, fertilizer, drainage, and seeds or seedlings.

You can also enhance your knowledge by attending one of our food education workshops to learn how to preserve and can for the colder months.


Community Food Education

Beyond growing and distributing healthy food, Roots for Life aims to be a hub of learning to build healthy communities. Our one-time classes for residents will be offered throughout Wards 4, 5, 7 and 8.

Come and learn from some of the following workshops offered:

  • Reducing Food Waste

  • Home Food Preservation and Canning

  • Safe Handling for Fresh produce